How Ghost Removal Works?

Print out the following Court Order and post it in your home or place of business.


When Jesus lived a perfectly sinless
life and died on the cross for
YOUR sins he defeated every evil
power in heaven and on earth.

His Blood sacrifice secured a favorable Judgement
for all mankind against every power of darkness.
God made his Judicial systems available to
enforce this Judgment.

We have experienced many different hauntings
and find that using a court order is the easiest
and fastest way to permanently remove ghosts,
poltergeist, demons and every other type of evil
spirit. Posting a court order obtained from
heaven will instantly remove a ghost or other
haunting when nothing else seems to work.

This is not merely a piece of paper. It is a
physical representation of an actual court order
we have received to effectively remove all manner
of ghosts and evil spirits from your property.
Simply print it out and give God the Glory.