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I wrote the Prayer out and….

How is a friend of mine and he has been telling me about this ghost removal plan he had that Yeshua/Jesus Urged him to put together for a few months now and the other day we moved into a new home. The first night I have horrific dreams and then each night thereafter disgusting vile dreams of running for my life and turning away from sexual encounters and ugh! I would wake up like WHAT IS GOING ON PAP?!

I recalled Joe’s website so I told him my problem and he sent me here, I still had not connected the printer So I wrote out the prayer and I read it out loud forcefully and left it by the door.

Suddenly my life got better! I could sleep with no more wicked frightening disgusting dreams that are not like the dream life I have!

Soooooooooooo, If you cant print this out fast enough, pull out your pen and start writing!

God does not want anyone to suffer, and I for one am very blessed to have had this great friend that talks with Jesus and hears what he wants him to do and DOES IT!

Now you have that same friend and brother, please write a testimonial and let me know how it goes and of course most importantly Joe but way more importantly than anyone alive in the earth thank our savior Yeshua/Jesus for giving us the Victory!!!!!!!


Robert Clark